Create barcodes in three easy steps

On this website you can create barcodes free of charge and license-free (of all typical and also many exotic barcode types). As a result, you will receive your barcodes in a simple graphic format ( jpg, gif, png ), in many different PDF formats, as vector graphics ( EPS, SVG ) or as an Excel file. You can download, process and print these files.

step 1: barcode value
at the beginning you determine which barcode values are to be generated
single barcode value
different barcode values at once
2134, 3546, 4367, 2356
excel file
excel file as source
(still under development)
step 2: layout
after this you define the layout of your barcode
Dimensions of the output
43x31 mm or 300x100 pixel
an optional header text
Firmen- oder Produktname
(still under development)
the resolution in DPI
96dpi - 2000dpi
border, spacing, color
step 3: Download
finally you choose your export format
default image format
jpg, png, gif
Vector format for prepress
different layouts
different layouts
generate barcode
choose your designer to start
generate professional barcodes quickly and easily
create barcodes with ongoing values to print or download
advanced functions such as pixel-perfect spacing and frames