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2/6/15 von Barcode Generator Team
Unlimited Sequential Codes
The creation of sequential codes is restricted to 50 codes because of server hardware limitations. Due to frequent request of our users we offer the creation of larger series. Please feel free to contact us at info(at) to get an offer without obligation.
10/7/13 von Barcode Generator Team
Sequential codes with Prefix and Suffix
when creating sequential codes you can declare a prefix and suffix. With this option you can create codes like AB_12345_ZZ.
8/30/13 von Barcode Generator Team
Creating Static Links to your Codes
By selecting "permanent link" in section two your codes will be permanently saved on our server. You get a link to access your codes.
7/15/12 von Barcode Generator Team
Creating Serial Numbers and Continuing Numbers
By choosing menu item "options" you can access the new generator for sequential codes.
7/9/12 von Barcode Generator Team
Change Resolution of Barcode Images
We added the possibility to change the barcode resolution up to 2000 dpi.