Стварыце свой уласны штрых-кодаў. Вы можаце раздрукаваць спароджаных штрых-кода або захаваць яго як файл малюнка (JPG, GIF, PNG). Ваш штрых-код бясплатна, просты ў выкарыстанні унд хутка генеруецца.

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We print your barcode on labels

Перайсці да генератара з серыйным нумарам для штрых-кодаў ... You need barcodes on adhesive labels. Your data are stored in Excel or you have a continuous series to be printed.
We print your barcodes cost-effectively with a smudge and long lasting wax/resin mixture in high quality and sharpness. Your labels will be scanned fast and error-free from barcode scanners.

Перайсці да генератара з серыйным нумарам для штрых-кодаў ... Our portfolio includes easy printing of continuous series, customized labels with additional information such as storage location labels or inventory labels.

For special requirements we print on polyester labels. The printing is rub- and scratchproof and is resistant to sea water and household cleaner.

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